About Us

Olivia Pest Control

Olivia Pest Control has been functioning with the objective of providing economic and effective Pest Control Services in Maharashtra state to all the needy peoples and organisations. This company has a team of most experienced professionals. We follow a well established and scientific system of pest control service.

Our Values

  • Customer focus: We have close, open relationships with our customers
  • Expertise: We develop our expertise through innovations deliver the right solution for our customer problems.
  • Integrity: We are worthy your trust.
  • Team work: We support our team members to develop their competence for constant growth.

Our Vision

To be the Environmental Friendly Pest Control solutions and essential services provider of choice through Expertise, Research and Innovation.

Our Mission

We work smart to manage our operations with care for the health, cleanliness, safety and prosperity of our employees, customers, communities and the environment. Through systems review and open communications, we work to continuously improve outcomes and build reliable future generation.

Our Culture

We believe that the success of our employees and the success of our agency go hand-in-hand. We are committed to a culture that fully leverages our employees' talents by promoting an environment where all people can make a difference, be heard, be supported, be developed, and be rewarded for their contributions.

Why Pest Control?

What are Pests?

Pests are organisms that play against the interest of mans, either directly causing harm or indirectly being the miseries suffered by him. They may be insects, fungus, rodents, reptiles, acaroids or any other living being.

Why Pests should be controlled?

Pests either cause injury and sufferings or may be a nuisance. Indirectly they transmit many dreaded diseases like malaria, dengue, plaque, cause many allergic reactions etc. Besides few of them, damage their valuable possessions like the electronic devices, books, cloths, household furniture, fittings etc. They also contaminate food items.

Why Pest Control is a specialized Job?

For pest management, several means are available in the armaments of a pest controller. The professionalism exists in choosing them and correct use of a mean that contain them. The ecosystem that surrounds us is not a simple one it connect us with our surroundings. Disruption of the ecosystem may lead to a problem that is more dreaded than the one existed before. Further pest control presently depends on toxic chemicals. Indiscriminate use of them may lead to hazards and further problems. Sustenance of the environment is the need of present day. Therefore, pest control, unless taken up by a man who has through knowledge of the pest and the means that is available to him for its effective management, will either end up in an incomplete act or lead to another more potent problem.